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The poultry enthusiasts at the Sellers' Family Farm

Evan was born in 1991 and is the youngest member of our poultry family. His favorite subject in school is math and he usually makes straight As. Evan's favorite chickens are the black barreds that we breed. This line of black barred fowl lays dark brown eggs and has Delaware, Rhode Island Red and Cochin ancestry. We call this line "Dakota Black Barreds". They have single combs and clean legs.

Alex was born in 1990 and loves saxophone music, poultry, baseball, hates girls (that will change very soon). Alex's favorite chickens are the ones from the blue egg project. He loves the grey chicks and is excited to see what they look like when they grow up. The blue egg chickens have Leghorn, Araucana and Ameraucana ancestry. In this picture Alex is holding "George Washington", a rumpless, black barred cockered. George Washington is genetically half Leghorn and half Araucana.

My sister has fotophobia and this is the only picture of her that I have permission to post. This picture was taken in '62 or '63. Sissy has been the immutable driving force behind our poultry here and deserves all the credit. She started the breeding projects and I believe her favorite is the blue egg project in which she started with Leghorn females and Araucana and Ameraucana males, bred them and have been selecting for eggshell color. This project is ongoing. Sissy has a doctorate degree in mathematics and worked as a math teacher and industrial statistician until moving to South Dakota to be with us.

The old coot asleep in the easy chair with the baby chick is me. I am Harrell Lee Sellers. When I'm not working with chickens or playing music or restoring an old tractor, I am a chemistry professor at South Dakota State University. The baby chick in the photograph is a Delaware pullet that the kids named "Honey Chick". Honey Chick used to like to nap with me in the living room in the evening. She's been a working girl in our laying flock for more than two years. When she's finished laying for us, she'll just be a pet.

This picture was taken on Sunday, July 28, 2002. I'm playing the saxophone solo "Yakety Sax".