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Interesting Links:

American Poultry Association

Anatomy of Chicken

Dry Incubation

Egg information..........UC Davis page

Egg Information: Cholesterol versus eggshell color

David's Blue Egg Page

Grass nutrition: mineral contents of forage grasses

Grass nutrition: Protein contents

The Feather Site

IBM Patent Server ... (you can patent a chicken!!)

Michigan State University Poultry Genone site

Mississippi State University sites.....Avian Embryo

Mississippi State University ... Poultry Services. Gotta sick ckicken? Click here, then click on "Diseases and Pests" and go where you need to find your diagnosis!

National Organic Program of USDA: Find out what "organic" is really supposed to mean

Ohio State University poultry pages

Plant Toxicity: Do you worry about which plants are toxic?

Poultry Science Overview: A really good place to go to get a summary of poultry science

Predators: Descriptions and symptoms......

World of Poultry...I didn't intend to make links to personal sites, but, WOP is a very good site