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The Punnett_Monkey is a Java program written by Harrell Lee Sellers. The author retains copyright.

This application allows you to select as many as four independent traits and get the frequency of appearance, in percent, that the genotype you select will appear in the progeny chicks.

Please keep in mind that the genes of a gene pair, if they are different, must be alleles (they belong to the same locus of the chromosome).

Step 1: Select the genes for trait 1 by first clicking on the gene symbol in the table then enter your choice by clicking the button for male or female gene one or two (you must select two genes for each parent). The genes in the table are arranged according to linkage groups. Genes in the same color block belong to the same linkage group. The sex linked genes are in the first yellow block. The dash in the sex-linked gene block represents the female W sex chromosome. Next are the autosomal genes.

Step 2: Click on "Do Punnett Square". You will see the possible gene combinations for that trait in the Punnett square.

Step 3: Click on the "Genotype" button for trait 1 until you select the genotype that you want in the progeny chicks. The percentage of the genotype showing will appear in the left button.

Step 4: Click on the "Selecting for Trait" button just above the Punnett square to change to the next trait.

Step 5: Repeat Steps 1-4 until you have finished selecting your traits. After you have selected up to four traits, click the "Overall Genotype Percentage" button. The number is the percent of progeny that will have the overall genotype showing. If you want to select fewer than four traits, click the button that says "Press to skip remaining traits". Then select your genotypes and press the overall percentage button. You can select other genotypes with the buttons below the Punnett Square and get the percentages without having to input any more genes from the gene table. If you change the genotypes for the individual traits, click the "overall percent" button again. All 256 possibilities of four traits are now available to you just by clicking the buttons to select the genotypes you want.

Harrell Lee Sellers, Brookings, South Dakota, March, 2002